PREMIUM QUALITY TREES. Carefully made and put together. Sewn with the best hides with rawhide lace. Stitches are close together, hand laced around the cantle and swell, then hand nailed in the cantle and gullet.

We put our Bowden Style Arizona Bars on all trees unless otherwise specified. We have Arizona bars scaled down for barrel racer and youth trees, and narrow seat bars for cutter and pleasure trees. We also have other styles of bars to choose from.

SWELLS: Our Bowden saddle tree swells are laminated with 1-1/2" plywood between two layers of pine.

HORNS: Roping horns are made of the finest ductile iron, which insures their durability for roping and other stresses that are put upon them.

BARS: The bars are cut with specially designed machines that cut a left and right bar with a single pattern for mirror-like duplication and accuracy. The bars are made of pine that grows in the high elevation of Colorado, which has a tighter grain and more tensile strength.

CANTLES: that we have are: OVAL KOMFORT, ROUND-TOP KOMFORT, ROUND, and SHOVEL. We can make the dish deep or shallow, the most common being 1" to 1-1/2". Keep in mind that the height and width of a cantle can somewhat determine the shape. For example, a tall narrow cantle will make a round or shovel cantle and a wider, lower cantle will make an oval cantle.

ASSEMBLY: Forks, Cantles and Bars are assembled in jigs for more accuracy, then glued and stapled in place with 2" staples.

RAWHIDE: Our rawhide saddle trees are hand-sewn and dried on specially designed drying racks. The dry air in the high desert Southwest allow the saddle trees to dry slowly and evenly. This process is extremely important! Saddle trees that are artificially dried have a greater tendency to warp and twist.

WE ARE CUSTOM SADDLE TREE BUILDERS and can make about any kind of tree that you might need. We can make any swell thinner for youth or barrel racer trees. We can also make them thicker, add leg cuts, back sweeps or anything you might need. We have several templates, but we also make trees by hand, and so we are not limited to any particular pattern. Let us hear from you.





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